Racing Against Poverty

Kenia Perfas has been in a race her whole life. A race against poverty, a race against illiteracy, a race against failure and neglect.

Because of the dedication of a loving sponsor, Kenia will win her race against poverty.

You can help another child win their race. For just $38 per month, $1.27 per day, less than a cup of coffee, you can sponsor a child in need. As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement in Jesus’ name, your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime.

Thanks for watching the video, and thank you especially for sponsoring a child.

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Following Compassion in the Dominican Republic

By now most of you have figured out that I am following Compassion International’s blogger trip in the Dominican Republic. Rather than write a post of my own right how, I am posting links to the teams posts below. Take a few minutes to read them and consider sponsoring a child to release them from poverty in Jesus’ name. Of course, I reserve the right to edit and make comments later.

To Save Many Lives – Bri McKoy. Bri is the Compassion Blogger team leader and her post are also at Compassion’s Blog on Child Poverty.

Dominican girl

Courtesy of Compassion International | Mike Varel

Why Love Is Not a Consolation But a Light – Bonnie Gray.

Thanks to a Compassion Sponsor, Saulo goes to school — and he comes back home to teach his brothers all the materials he learned. And the beautiful thing is this: Compassion-partnered churches open their doors to unsponsored siblings for worship and recreational activities like sports, music and art.

Compassion sponsor letter

Courtesy of Compassion International | Mike Varel

Everything We Have – Ruth Soukup.

Courtesy of Compassion International | Mike Varel

Courtesy of Compassion International | Mike Varel

How to Get Rid of the Darkness in Your World… – Holley Gerth

I think the enemy tries to make us feel overwhelmed when we hear about or see poverty and other difficulties in our world because then we become paralyzed by guilt or fear. Or if that approach doesn’t work, he might try to convince us we have to destroy the darkness directly–in other words, become antagonistic and negative in the name of “justice.”

But we can’t let ourselves fall into those traps. Instead we need to stay focused on the only real solution to darkness: adding more light.

Courtesy of Compassion International | Mike Varel

Courtesy of Compassion International | Mike Varel

Shout out and thanks to Mike Varel for the fantastic pictures from this trip. See them all on Flickr.

And remember to sponsor a child today.

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Pouring Hope with Just a Glance

“I keep trying to catch Marlo’s eyes. Like maybe I can pour hope into him with just a glance.”


Photo Courtesy of Compassion International

The words from Bri’s post leap off the screen and seem to hover in front of me. And I wonder. Pouring hope with just a glance. Is it possible? In a life lived in a place where the future looks so bleak, where hope is only a vague concept, and discouragement lurks in every doorway, where does hope come from. Certainly not in something so fleeting as a glance.

Perhaps a glance is the seed of hope. When a hopeless reality meets a compassionate glance maybe hope is germinated. Later, like crops lovingly sown, hope grows and matures because of the tender care of a loving gardener.

But yes, more than a fleeting glance is needed to pour hope into a life. After all, the tender seedling of hope must be cared for lest it whither and die. Action is needed. Will you act? Will you give a child hope?

“Sponsorship through Compassion is an investment that is rippling through this broken world with the capacity to change everything in the life of a child.”

Sponsorship through Compassion brings hope. It connects a child living without hope with a loving, church-based Child Sponsorship Program. Sponsorship is more than a fleeting glance. It is a loving look, heart and hands reaching out, a hug from afar. Sponsorship says, “I see your despair, the utter hopelessness that surrounds you today, and I want to give you a new story. I want to give you hope and a beautiful tomorrow.”

Our hope, ultimately, is in Jesus. That is one reason why Compassion’s mission statement starts with these words. “Releasing children from poverty in Jesus’ name.”

I invite you to read Bri’s post, and to meet Marlo, Aniel, Daniel, and their grandparents. Afterward, you can follow the link in Bri’s post, or follow this one to sponsor a child.

Here are some posts from the other Compassion Bloggers in the Dominican Republic.

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Blogging Compassion in the Dominican Republic

Compassion Bloggers

Photo courtesy of Compassion International

This week I will be following a team of bloggers from Compassion International. They will be blogging all week about their experiences, the love, joy, peace, hope, and blessings, of Compassion’s service to poverty stricken children in the Dominican Republic (DR). This is sure to be a unique glimpse of what it is like to live in this beautiful country through the words, photos, videos and tweets of:

Eryn Carman has written a very helpful post for the Compassion Blog on Child Poverty to help us learn more about the DR and Compassion’s work there.

It was just over a year ago that my wife and I began sponsoring through Compassion. After a worship service lead by a choir of orphan children from around the world, we felt moved by the Spirit to reach out in the best way we could and to sponsor Shahana. It has been a life changing experience, and looking back over previous posts I ran across this one written on Valentine Day last year.

Since then I have become much more involved with the work of Compassion, and would one day like to visit India to meet Shahana. I would also, Lord willing, like to go on a future bloggers trip. Not so much to blog about it, as to tell stories through pictures.

Tell you what. Follow the Compassion Blogger Team in the DR along with me. You can also find them using the Twitter hashtag #compassionbloggers, on Facebook and Instagram, even Pinterest. Read their stories, see their pictures, and see if you are not moved with compassion. Then, visit the Compassion Website to sponsor a child and change their story. Give them hope.

You can sponsor a child for just $38 each month. That’s just $1.27 per day, less than a cup of coffee.

Allow me tell you a very brief personal story. When my wife and I made the decision to sponsor Shahana a year ago we had just come off one of our worst years ever financially. I won’t go into details, but it was bad. A year has passed, and in addition to the monthly $38 we have given other gifts and increased our giving to our church. This past year since sponsoring is one of our best years financially. Because we chose to give, the Lord chose to bless us and restore our financial security. I don’t know if you will be blessed in this same way, but I will encourage you to pray about it. You wouldn’t want to miss a blessing, would you?

Click here to sponsor a child.

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Healthy Smiles

Why sponsor a child through Compassion? Because a smile is a gift every child deserves.

Oral health is essential for children’s health and quality of life. Dental care is necessary to prevent and protect children from mouth pain, infections, gum disease, tooth decay, tooth loss and other diseases. A child with good dental health is able to eat, smile, speak, and develop both socially and emotionally. And who doesn’t love a smiling child.

Sponsoring a child is one way you can help provide dental care. Your tax-deductible contribution of just $38 per month connects a child living in poverty with a loving church-based Child Sponsorship Program that provides:

  • Medical checkups, which often save lives
  • Nutritious food
  • Health and hygiene training (including dental care)
  • Educational assistance
  • Access to special services like surgeries and disaster relief
  • Mentoring to help children discover their incredible value as God’s children
  • Most important of all, your sponsored child will hear about Jesus Christ and be encouraged to develop a lifelong relationship with God.

If you are already sponsoring a child, or are unable to make a monthly commitment, why not give the gift of dental care?

Dental care is the greatest unmet health-services need among children in poverty. You can protect children from disease, infections and even missed school with either your sponsorship of a child, or with your designated gift.

So please, put a healthy smile on a child’s face.

Thank you.

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