Taking pictures can be hard from a moving car

Marcie Bayne parade

Who doesn’t love a parade? Okay. Love may be too strong a word, but I do like them a lot. Since I am doing a lot of the photography; make that most of the photography; no, wait, all the photography for Marcie’s campaign for City Council, I get to join her in parades. Unfortunately, because I am her photographer, I don’t get to ride along the parade route in a yellow Corvette.

Nope. I get to walk. And take pictures.

Taking pictures can be hard from a moving car. It is notably easier at parade speed, but there is still movement and bumps to deal with. When you walk, you can stop, steady the camera, and get the shot. And, to be honest, riding in a Corvette, even a classic Corvette, isn’t all that special at parade speed.

This picture was made during the Freedom Day Parade in Stockton, CA on January 1. There weren’t any roses, but there were a lot of classic cars. I was busy focusing on Marcie, and walking, and didn’t get pictures of anything else. Next time I’ll broaden my focus.

Coming up March 6 is the same Corvette, different parade. We will be celebrating another New Year. The Chinese New Year. I am certain there will be more pictures of more things, not just Marcie.

If you are looking for a point to this post, there is none. I saw it was time for a new blog post and I have this picture, so I decided to put it up and write a few words.

It’s a good picture though.

See more of my images in my gallery and at Pixels.com, and if you live in Stockton, particularly City Council District 4, vote for Marcie.

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Love. It’s written in stone.

Love written in stone

I found this gem of while walking along the beach in Del Mar a couple weeks ago. Sand normally covers the bedrock along this part of the beach, but a pounding surf had washed away much of the beach sand. Left exposed for all to see was the word, “love.” Unlike the castles of sand which people had been building on the beach, love was written in stone to stand forever. A testimony, as it were, to love’s endurance.


As I strolled along the beach and looked at the amazing sandcastles being built, I thought about the picture I had made. The castle builders put a lot of time and effort into their works. The detail was amazing. Yet, in a few short hours these castles would be swallowed by the sea. Gone forever. Except for the pictures and memories, and I did noticed that those building the castles were families. They built them for fun, for pleasure, and for the time spent together as a family. That’s what will last. The love.

“Love never fails,” the Bible tells us. Whatever else there is, whatever other gifts we have, whatever the joys we have in life, no matter how generous we are, no matter our strength of character or body, no matter anything else, without love, it will fail. Only love last.

It’s as if it was written in stone.

Leave a comment. Give us your take on this image, sandcastles, love, or anything else this post inspires.

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Great shooting late afternoon near sunset

Del Mar, California

We are spending Christmas week on the beach in Del Mar, California. Normally, we only make it down here once a year. In 2015 we took two vacations. One in July, and the one we’re on now. We like Del Mar and San Diego.

The other day, before the rain and wind came, I took a late afternoon walk on the beach. Those pictures will be posted later. Some may be posted here and others in my gallery. There are still some from the July trip to post yet.

Here is a picture from the same location during our December 2010 trip to Del Mar. Not much changes at the beach it seems. This post has more pictures from that trip.

The picture above is how it was on Monday this week. Cool and sunny with good light in the late afternoon. That’s when I like to go out shooting. Late afternoons. The light is good and the harsh shadows that the midday sun produces are gone. There is a pleasing warmth to light as the sun begins to set. This is why the hour before sunset is know by photographers as the “golden hour”. After sunset the light, and temperature, begins to cool as photography enters the “blue hour” up to about an hour after sunset. Blue hour is another great time to shoot.

Warmth can be seen in this picture even though it was early in the golden hour. The blues are punched up a little, particularly in the sky, to bring out color and texture.

So, when you are thinking about when to shoot outdoors try late afternoon near sunset. Shoot through sunset, and remember the best part of sunset is after the sun actually sets. Stick around and keep making images. Colors shift quickly and can make for some amazing photographs. Then stay longer for the blue hour.

I need to get back to processing the rest of my images, but I do have a question you can answer in the comments. What what time of day do you like to shoot? Why?

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Marcie Bayne for Stockton City Council

It gives me great pleasure to announce that my wife, Marcie Bayne, is a candidate for Stockton City Council.

My first inclination is to write a bunch of stuff about her here, but I’ll save that for another time. Right now, I just want you to watch this video from her first fundraiser. It’s short, less than 5 minutes.

After you watch the video stop by Marcie’s campaign Website. A little warning, it is still being built, but there is some content there, and more being added, and of course a link for anyone who wants to help the campaign.

Also, like her Facebook page.


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The Coaster

Coaster commuter train

Coaster is a commuter train which runs along the California coast from Oceanside to San Diego. It runs right by our beach condo in Del Mar, is amazingly quiet, and we hardly notice it. If you are interested in learning more about Coaster you can visit their Website. They’re much better at talking about themselves and use phrases like, “breathtaking coastal scenery.”

These shots were made during a visit during the Forth of July week in 2015 on the cliff above the beach in Del Mar as the train was heading north. I wasn’t in any hurry to post them until PhotoFriday posted a challenge titled “transportation.” Sometime this is what it takes to motivate me to process images and write blog posts.

Coaster commuter train

In spite of warning signs, this is a popular spot for people out for a walk or run, even biking. It is also a surfer access point. Carrying a surfboard down the face of a cliff isn’t for me, but I won’t judge. There is a park with easy beach access less than a mile away, but where is the challenge in that? And yes, I have climbed the cliff. The top of the cliff is really a great spot for watching the sun set, and you don’t have to climb to do that.

Don’t keep these pictures to yourself. Go ahead and share. You can use the buttons below. Your comments are also appreciated, or you can send me email or join my email list for updates.

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