A Distant View of Mt. Rainier

Mt. Rainier from Gig Harbor, WA.

Mt. Rainier towers in the background over Gig Harbor, Washington.

Confession time. I have been lagging a little, okay maybe a lot, on getting new posts up. You would think it would be easier since my retirement began last week. Nope. Got it in my head that I wasn’t going to really get my retirement routine on until Monday, and then forgot that I had this post started. I’m learning. It’s not how you begin, but how you finish that counts.

Finally, I am getting my images from Washington posted. That trip was back in July, so I guess it’s about time. I wanted to get some images of the moon rising over Gig Harbor. It was experimental, trial and error, and a fairly hazy evening, but I think it was a successful shoot even though I only got one good shot of the moon actually rising.

Above is a 13 second exposure at f/11 and ISO 100. It was my first time using the anti-haze tool in Lightroom.

Gig Harbor, Washington at dusk.

Gig Harbor, Washington with Mt. Rainier in the background.

This one above was also at f/11 and ISO 100 but with a longer 23 second exposure and wider angle obviously.

Moonrise - Gig Harbor, WA

Moonrise over Gig Harbor, Washington.

And here is the moon rising. Shot at f/11 as well, but at 30 seconds and ISO 400.

Below is a shot obviously shot earlier in the day. A few miles north of Gig Harbor is a small town called Olalla. Across the water is Vashon Island, and beyond Vashon is Mt. Rainier.

Mt. Rainier from Olalla, WA.

Mt. Rainier in the distance from Olalla, Washington.

After posting these images I noticed artifacts. You may have noticed them too. The original files don’t contain the artifacts, and I believe they are a result of WordPress resizing. I’ll know more when I post the full size file to my fine art website and to Shootproof.

Leave a comment about these images, and sign up for updates.

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Making appointments now for solar referrals

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Ambit Energy plus Sunrun

Exciting news!

As many of you know, Marcie and I became Independent Consultants with Ambit Energy last February. Since then our business has been growing and we are ready to move up in the company to the position of Regional Consultant. Just a few more customers and we’ll be there. Then it is on to Senior Consultant.

Our business continues to expand and we are always looking for people who desire financial freedom to join with us. Right now is the perfect time to join because….well, I can’t tell you here, but if you will contact me by filling out the form on this page I will be happy to get back to you with more details.

The exciting news I can tell you is this. Beginning September 30 Ambit Energy will be offering solar power in partnership with Sunrun, the number one solar company in America. The process is very simple. If you are interested in solar for your home you can make an appointment with Marcie and I now for after September 30. Then we will guide you through the short, easy sign up process. It takes less than five minutes.

If you get your natural gas from PG&E we encourage you to switch to Ambit Energy and become our customer now. Current customers as of September 30 will get the first appointments to sign up for solar. I cost nothing to switch, and you will get a 3-day/2-night stay at your choice of over 70 locations nationwide just for signing up.

Told you this is exciting stuff. Save money on natural gas, get free trips, get solar for your home, and income opportunities are available. And there is a lot more.

So, fill out this form, or send me an email telling me your interested. Someone, probably me, will contact you soon. There is no obligation. No one but Marcie and I will even know you asked for information.

Note: Ambit Energy currently offers solar in California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York.

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Frozen Fountain

See more of the Napa Valley trip.

Water droplets from a fountain

Download at Lightstock.com.

One of our stops a few weeks ago on a wine tasting trip to Napa was Peju Province Winery. They have some excellent wines, but before we got to the tasting I stopped at the fountain outside to just experiment a bit. It was a very bright, sunny day, so I was able to set a very high shutter speed and still keep the ISO low. A large aperture kept the depth of field shallow to accentuate the droplets along a narrow plane. I will post the exact numbers later, in case anyone is interested. Don’t have them with me right now.

Dancing Water 2

Click on these pictures to get the best view. The enlargements give more detail, sharper and clearer. I especially like the capture of the one very small bead of water near the center of the picture below.

Dancing Water 3

These shots were made with the camera hand held. Though I would recommend using a tripod whenever possible, I didn’t have one with me on this trip, and I was using a mega-fast shutter speed to freeze the water.

As always, your comments are appreciated.

See more of the Napa Valley trip.

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Bernie Sanders – The Independent Choice

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT)

Last evening, Marcie and I hosted one of the approximately 3,500 house parties held across the nation to support Bernie Sanders’ White House bid. We had about 35 people crammed into our small house. It seemed like a good opportunity to dig into the archives and post one of my pictures of Sen. Sanders. This one was taken at the 2011 California State Democratic Convention during Sanders’ keynote address to delegates.

I work hard at keeping this blog free from politics, though I occasionally break with my self-imposed rule, so there will be no commentary here. Just a picture of someone who could really shake up the presidential race.

For those who are interested in such things, this image was taken with a Canon 30D with a 50mm lens. The aperture is f/2.5, shutter speed 1/100, ISO 400. Processing was done using Photoshop CS5.

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A New “Energy” Gold Rush is Taking Place — With or Without You!

A new “Energy” Gold Rush is taking place, right here, right now, and Marcie and I have decided to get on board. But this opportunity is too great to keep to ourselves, so we want to share it with you.

My reason for starting my Ambit Energy business is really very simple. After almost 15 years of a one-hour each way commute I did the math and putting 500 miles on my car every week didn’t add up. Two hours tacked on to an eight-hour day didn’t add up. Spending hundreds of dollars in gas every month just to go to work didn’t add up. So I made a decision to retire. The problem with retiring at my young age is that it will result in a 40-50 percent pay cut, so I needed to fill the gap. Enter Ambit.

I want to retire while I am still young and healthy enough to enjoy my retirement. Ambit will give me the financial freedom to do that. As an Ambit Energy Independent Consultant, my wife and I can earn an income in our spare time, allowing us to enjoy our retirement.

Want to know more? Great. What you should do first is watch this video either here or on this page. Then, do me a favor and fill out the form here. This is a great way for us to start a conversation about your interest in Ambit Energy or enrolling as a consultant.

Of course, you can always send me an email or call/text the number on the video page. More information is available on my Ambit Energy Website.

Thanks for watching and reading, and for indulging this break from my regular blog postings.

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